Training could learn a thing or two

Learning management systems aren’t enough. The world needs—you need—learning experience personalization.

As humans, we’re made and motivated to learn. The problem is, upon transitioning from school into the marketplace, our opportunities to learn change dramatically. All of a sudden, we’re thrust into the workforce with little clue about how to succeed. Over years, as we build up experience along our zigging and zagging career path of choice, what we know can often become obsolete or slowly stale as we transition between industries, companies, or roles.

Even among the organizations that prioritize investing in their people, reinforcing their culture, and developing daring leaders, the typical training offered is only made available through one-and-done events. Even in the case of team training that’s made available online, it’s usually just PowerPoints using the entire spectrum of beige, terrible videos from the cubicles of 1993 corporate America, or compliance quizzes blasted on annual repeat, lacking the total impact of a face-to-face education.

Learning is not just an event, and it can’t simply be copy and pasted online. For fast-growing enterprises, expanding remote workforces, millennials and digital natives desiring development above all other job benefits, and self-motivated employees wanting to grow, this approach simply doesn’t scale. Most workplace training is basic, generic, poorly packaged, irrelevant, and, worst of all, unhelpful.

It’s time to move training forward

Let’s get real: as much as digitizing the knowledge you share may improve the efficiency of how you deliver training, putting death-by-bulletpoint slideshows and talking head videos on a learning management system (or multiple) won’t help all of your people accomplish their specific purposes. Technology doesn’t automatically solve problems, just as much as good content won’t solve the problem if your people don’t enjoy the user experience when accessing that content.

Right now, only 3% of training content always exceeds learners’ expectations. 97% of your training content can do better. It needs to. But it can’t rise to the occasion with platforms that only deliver a one-size-fits-all experience. Every one of your people are unique, so they need content that fits their needs, their learning styles, their preferences, and their personalities. 

More importantly, each person has a specific role to play within your organization, whether they’re a direct contributor or a manager, whether they’re new to sales or they lead your development team, whether they speak Spanish or they prefer English, whether they serve in your headquarters or work remotely. Whatever the case, they need training that meets them where they’re at, trains them specifically, and most importantly, makes them feel valued.

In other words, if your people aren’t learning, your organization will hit a ceiling. Maybe not today, but sooner than you think. Developing a culture of continuous learning is the bedrock to building a company that’s constantly improving and growing. Tomorrow’s results won’t be achieved—they can’t be achieved—unless you have a team of teams that is hungry to develop themselves both personally and professionally. Training is not a nice-to-have in today’s market, it’s essential.

And that learning isn’t just for your employees, either. Your prospects need nurturing and education before they buy, your customers demand smooth onboarding and relevant education, your partners want to know how to grow with you. Your opportunities to deliver unique, powerful, engaging, results-oriented training are endless.

Building culture starts here

Of course, none of this is easy. Training people to the standard you yourself would want to be trained can feel daunting. Also, the generic, archaic learning solutions that ignore the unique needs of your organization, teams, and people just won’t cut it.

That’s why we built Journeyage. We’re a full-service, roll-up-our-sleeves technology partner that will help you design a modern, personalized learning experience for the people you need to train. Today’s learning management systems aren’t enough, you need an integrated, easy-to-use, customizable, singular platform that will help you deliver personalized training at scale on any device and in any environment. 

We call this learning experience personalization, or LXP for short, and we believe it represents the future of enterprise learning and development. Or at least, LXP represents the future of training within organizations that prioritize people first, understanding that they’re the ones who drive performance in the first place.

Put in as few words as possible (finally!), at Journeyage, we’re on a mission to deliver irreplaceable training, pursuing a vision to personalize learning for every human on the planet. We know, that’s a big, hairy, audacious goal…but we’re up for the journey. More importantly, we would love for you to join us as we play this infinite game. We can’t do it alone.

In fact, nobody can do anything great alone. Your people need help accomplishing their purpose. You need help achieving your goals. And we need help making training better for workplace cultures everywhere.

Onward. Together.