Thump thump

That’s the sound of our tribe’s heartbeat. Culture isn’t just a word we say. At Journeyage, we walk the walk. Here are a few ways we put our culture in action.

We don’t go anywhere without our Passport

Everybody who joins our tribe is given a unique stamp and Passport. This little red book embodies who we aspire to be, guiding every one of our employees in how to demonstrate our culture’s precepts.

When a member of our tribe witnesses one of their colleagues walking out one of those principles, they stamp that page in their teammate’s Passport, recognizing them publicly, and reinforcing how action outweighs intention.

Our cause

Even though Journeyage is on a mission to deliver irreplaceable training and our vision is to personalize learning for every human on the planet, what gets us out of bed every morning is a cause indirectly related to the market we serve: co-create the world’s most transformative workplace experiences. Whatever we do, this motivation compels us infinitely, unrelentingly forward.

Work with us

Whatever the position, we hire for culture-fit first. Whether we currently have tons of open positions or none, we’re always open to an intentional conversation with like-hearted people. 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Drucker

Want to build a culture like this?

You don't have to work at Journeyage to experience a culture like ours—build where you are. Gain inspiration from others like you to intentionally foster a workplace where employees feel like they authentically belong.