The best adventures start with friends

Help co-create the world’s most transformative workplaces and bring more humanity back into training.

The Journeyage why

Journeyage is a learning experience platform (LXP) designed to enhance learner engagement with thoughtful design, deep-dive personalization, and start-to-finish management. We’re offering you the opportunity to travel with us to transform the way your connections see and execute training (while earning some extra cash along the way).

Travel perks

As a partner, you’ll be equipped with an array of tools and benefits, including revenue potential, discounts for your referrals, access to customized content on our groundbreaking platform and more. 

You can get started today by connecting us with someone in your network that you think would benefit from the Journeyage approach to personalized training.

How it works


Identify a prospect

You identify organizations that would benefit from more engaging, personalized learning content.


Make an introduction

Introduce them to Journeyage, highlighting the connection between inspired employees and how it impacts their day-to-day work.


High five

They say, “I love it,” and the journey begins.


You get rewarded

For each connection you make, you'll receive $50 (sent via PayPal). For each connection that becomes a Journeyage customer, you'll receive an additional $100 (sent via PayPal). The more you send, the more you can earn per connection!

Super connectors earn more

We know this is hard work and our tiered incentive program ensures your energy won’t go unnoticed or unrewarded.

Bronze level

After 3 connections become customers, get a personalized marketing kit and earn an additional $50 for each closed customer.

Silver level

After 7 connections become customers or you help us reach $500K in revenue in a calendar year, earn 1% of the sale.

Gold level

After 15 connections become customers or you help us reach $1M in revenue in a calendar year, earn 2% of the sale.

More is on the way

We are working on big things to make our partnership program even better, including certification, co-branded content, recurring revenue, course co-creation, and more. 

Stay tuned for what’s on the horizon.

Want more?

If you are looking for a partnership beyond what we have listed here, let us know!