Social responsibility

Better work, better world

Our tribe is committed to an infinite pursuit: co-create the world’s most transformative workplace experiences. Here’s why and how we’re making moves.

Why it matters

The average adult spends at least half of their waking hours each day at work. For many, that number is likely to be even higher. That’s a lot of time. Since everybody only gets one “wild and precious life,” we believe it’s our responsibility to intentionally make work a positively transformative experience. 

At Journeyage, this is why we strive daily to cultivate a social consciousness within our tribe that sets out to accomplish three primary goals as it relates to our cause.

Transform all our employees' lives

We wouldn’t be co-creating a transformative workplace experience if we weren’t truly taking our responsibility as an employer seriously. It’s our first—and our most important—priority before focusing on our users, customers, community, partners, or shareholders, because it is this focus that enables us to live out our social responsibility in the first place. 

We want to be sure that our employees are not just more equipped professionals when they end their journey with us; they should be better humans in every area of life. If we desire to make the world a better place, it starts within our own workplace. 

To track our progress, we complete an annual assessment of employee transformation each year, which includes financial, relational, intellectual, spiritual, and professional transformation measures such as buying a home, starting a family, mastering a new subject, developing or strengthening a spiritual practice, and advancing to a new position. We provide perks and benefits to support each of these goals, and we want to see how they’re helping our employees to grow. 

As much as we consider every employee a near and dear member of our tribe, ultimately, we also know that our people will blaze new trails well beyond Journeyage. We don’t see ourselves as some destination, but simply one part in every employee’s personal and professional journey. As such, we want them to take what they’ve learned while working with us and make the world more beautiful, wherever they may choose to go.

Improve the work experience for all

As you may have already heard us communicate, we resolutely believe one size training does not fit all. But high quality training shouldn’t be reserved to companies with the ample resources to pay for it. As a result, we work with select nonprofits, organizations, and do-gooders to provide training that will improve people’s work competence, capacity, and confidence at a fraction of the traditional cost. 

We also believe opportunities to advance shouldn’t be reserved to those who have greater privilege than others—opportunity should be accessible to all, especially those who are underserved. That’s why we spend our time ensuring that people from all walks of life and diversities of background are upskilled and mentored to guide their trajectory toward increasing success both at work and in life.

Make work available to all

As much as these first two pursuits are core passions of ours, we also believe they’re not enough. The opportunity to work is a fundamental human dignity that isn’t readily accessible to everyone. While many of us can complain about our jobs, there are many more who would eagerly accept any opportunity to work. That’s why we work with organizations that support those experiencing homelessness, poverty, education gaps, and other such barriers to ensure that anyone who wants to enter the workforce has the training and support needed to do meaningful work. 

Where we are

While we’re still early in our own journey to making a social impact in these ways, we’re committed to the challenge ahead of us. Long-term, we have committed to dedicating up to five percent of our time, product, and profits to supporting efforts and organizations that accomplish these goals. 

At the end of the day, we’re confident that better work makes for a better world. Thank you for your role in helping us support this socially responsible vision. Together, we press on.

Never stop learning