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Intentionally fostering a positive workplace culture takes ongoing effort. Gain inspiration, support, and direction from people like you who are committed to the journey within their own teams.
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The Culture Explorers community is designed for people in HR, employee engagement, recruiting, training, L&D, people ops, and leadership roles who are convinced there’s more to work than fulfilling responsibilities, hitting numbers, and earning a paycheck. Instead, it’s a place to cultivate true belonging among humans who both struggle and succeed, impacting the lives of employees in a way that carries into the rest of the world.

Stacie Mallen
Co-founder, Lead with Trust
Even as a professional working in HR for over 20 years, Journeyage has provided me with new ideas, tips, and tricks for how to move our onboarding efforts forward.
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As committed as we are to culture at Journeyage, we know firsthand the challenge it is to create and cultivate a positively energizing culture among growing teams, especially among increasingly remote workforces. Within this community of Culture Explorers, you’ll find regular encouragement, inspirational ideas, directional resources, and continued support from others who are on the journey to transform their workplaces for good.

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As you move forward with us, there will be several opportunities to level up your culture game, moving from explorer to expert. That’s why members from our community of Culture Explorers are given exclusive invitations to showcase their thought leadership in podcasts, webinars, articles, and other opportunities. You, too, can help lead the way for others.

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Wherever in the world you are and whatever your role at work, one of our virtual meetups, lunch-n-learns,, webinars, or digital resources are bound to motivate and guide you forward.

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Chat with people from workplaces of all shapes and sizes to explore how to intentionally foster an environment where your employees feel like they authentically belong.

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Even though we’re socially distanced, we don’t have to be socially starved. Connect with your community of Culture Explorers all across the interwebs.

Frequently asked questions

Typically you’ll find other human resource, people leaders, and operations professionals in our community, but anyone who is looking to build a better culture within their organization is welcome.

1. No self-promotion outside of dedicated promotion threads. Please do not promote or share your own projects, events, articles, or links unless it’s something created specifically for the community. We will make recurring posts so you have a space to share these items with the community. Search #promoday to find the most recent thread.

2. Give more than you take. Our purpose at Journeyage is to love and learn. This community was built to cultivate just that. What makes a community amazing is when members are more focused on helping each other, than on helping themselves. Be as helpful as possible and everyone benefits.

3. No hate speech or bullying. You should respectfully challenge ideas, but never attack the person. Help us make sure everyone feels safe in the community. Bullying or intimidation of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity will not be tolerated.

4. Context and relevancy. Please don’t make a post with just a link to something, or a thought with no context. We encourage you to focus on starting a conversation (always make sure to explain why you’re sharing a link, image, or thought, and what other members can learn).

5. Please review our Privacy Policy. We store basic profile information about Culture Explorers community members including name, company, job title, and city, which help us connect you with the right people and resources.  

6. Please abide by our Terms of Service. 

Nope, it’s free. While there’s a ton of value that you and your team will gain through the Culture Explorers community, it comes at no cost to you. 

A Culture Explorer is anyone on the journey to build or improve culture within their organizations. They’re someone who is looking to travel together with others on the same path, pave the way for those who might just be at the starting line, and pursue all a better workplace offers their people.

Though there are countless ideas, here a few quick pointers:

  • Don’t just be a lurker. If you learned something, share it. If you have an amazing idea or see a great culture example, it’s likely something that would help someone else.
  • Ask questions. No questions are too big or small, the Culture Explorers community is here to be a resource to build each other up.
  • Contribute your thoughts. Know an answer to something or have an opinion? Put on your hiking boots and help your fellow Culture Explorer out by weighing in with your thoughts.

Absolutely. If you know someone who would be a great Culture Explorers community contributor, please invite them via this page. Let them know to share that you brought them along for the journey.

No problem. Just reach out to We can’t wait to explore the possibilities—and your questions—with you.