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October 16, 2020

The true power of partnering with Journeyage

We’ve all heard the saying “two heads are better than one” but what about 10? 15? No, we’re not talking about becoming a hydra (although that would be pretty cool). We’re talking about the infinite strength in combining minds, goals, and talents to co-create earth-shattering and thought-provoking training content. Something unusual, something out-of-the-box, something that will keep your learners engaged, uplifted, and coming back for more.

But how?

Honestly, it’s simple: become one of our esteemed business partners and we’ll walk alongside you through a process that’ll enable you to co-create, deliver, and transform your modern audience’s learning experience through a personalized, irreplaceable platform and training content.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, join us and feel the power of our forces combined.

Join, collaborate, we listen

Ice is back with a brand new training mission. And now that song is stuck in our heads.

Listen, we get it, we know how daunting it can be to plan and execute seemingly unattainable training goals. Drawing up achievable, time-stamped milestones can feel near impossible. We’ve all experienced the fear of sprinting through the dark, hoping a light shows up the further you run but why should you have to go it alone? The answer: you never have to again. We’re here to guide, enable, and complement your vision.

Together, we will be unstoppable. 

The Journeyage mission, above all, is to always love and learn unconditionally. This means that our promise, as partners, is to strive each day to learn from each other and never fear the inevitability of failure.

As Brené Brown so eloquently states, “clear is kind.” So, to be clear, a partnership with us means collaboration. A fine-tuned cross-skill contamination where each entity will bring expertise, structure, understanding, and endless creativity to the table. We will become a 100% aligned team completely committed to achieving the same goals: build, scale, repeat. 

In our mission to find the right partner, we may have to swipe left in the process.

We’re looking for those that believe in the power of culture and in the irreplaceability of their people. If we’re to build something that will transform the modern workplace, we need organizations that are willing to transform and mold something new with us. We’re looking for those that may be lost; you have a goal, you have a vision but you don’t know where to start. You might be looking to change your pace but you have limited resources and bandwidth to do so. You, you brave trailblazer, are looking to adventure into the unknown. You’re swimming upstream and are done with the way things have always been and we’re here to help guide and support you but we need you to do the same for us.

In any successful relationship, there is a balanced give and take, there are boundaries but there is also openness and flexibility. While we may do a lot of the heavy lifting, we need those that will be transparent and open with thoughts or critiques and wholeheartedly invest their time and brainpower into each meeting or checkpoint. 

Once we find the perfect mate, we’ll put a metaphorical ring on it. Ice ice baby.

Hand-in-hand, upward we climb

We fully commit to being the weirdo that sits next to you at the booth in a restaurant, not across, looking forward in the same direction, at the same objective. We’ll walk alongside you as we brainstorm goals, whether they be monetary, culture-focused, or simply meeting a quickly-approaching deadline. We’ll collectively uncover common ground expectations and define priorities in what’s next in your training journey. 

What does this process look like, anyway?

Great question! This trek we’re setting out on consists of four critical pieces.

Our first collaborative meeting is called a Point A where, together, we discover and put to paper your long-term, time-bound training goals. We’ll come up with a mantra for your journey like “a day without learning is a day wasted” and begin bringing this mantra to life by living and breathing it. Afterward, whether we continue to work together or not, you’ll leave fully equipped with a detailed roadmap to help you achieve all of your training milestones and better understand your upcoming workload. 

Next up on our little adventure, there are two imperative meetings where you’ll meet the humans that you and your team will be working side-by-side with to create irreplaceable training called the Trailhead and LX mapping session.

Think of the trailhead as the starting point where our team connects with your experts before backpacking into the wild wilderness of designing and creating scalable and personalized training courses. You’ll set timelines, expectations, review the set scope of work, and clarify any expected action items to be sure both sides are completing tasks on time and with complete understanding. 

Up next, to the right, you’re going to see lions, tigers, and an LX mapping session. Oh my!

This is where our design teams really get to geek out. Together, our masters of the learning experience universe architect the imaginable and co-create and outline your initial training journey. Jointly, we’ll define learner and personalization segments, uncover and document your content’s initial elements of style, brainstorm potential training topics and content, and outline your vision for your learner’s first training journey. With all of our strengths combined, there’s no weight we cannot carry. 

Just when you thought your tour was over, there’s more. Look out! A wild checkpoint approaches.

These recurring check-ins called Checkpoints occur once or twice a month, depending on which gear you’ve chosen at the start of our tour. This gives our teams the opportunity to continue to develop a beautiful working relationship, monitor your goals and creation progress, evaluate learner feedback and insights, clarify intended outcomes for the next rendezvous, and ensure we’re all still on track to meet those awesome goals you set in the Point A. 

(Labored breathing) We’re here, we’ve reached the summit, the peak in which all training goals are met and the terrain that seemed impossible at first now looks tiny, you look onward to new unexplored heights. It’s like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, walking into Oz fresh off the yellow brick road but it doesn’t have to be the end of our conquest. As your goals evolve and your training efforts continue to grow, we can continue to ride into battle together.

To Valhalla!

Full-circle benefits

There is no limit to the benefits of working together. You’ll receive the opportunity to grow with us and we’ll have the honor of bettering alongside you. We’ll continue to one-up our own platform and offer mutual support and feedback for any unexpected changes or hiccups along the way. Every step you take with us will be personalized to you. Just like the content in our platform, we believe that no two experiences should mirror another. From demo to summit, your input and feedback are vital and will not fall on deaf ears. You’ll feel valued, seen, included, and safe. Some of our most recent changes have been based on customer feedback and we’re better for it. 

Whether you’re an influencer looking for a more personalized sales-enabler, a franchisor seeking out new ways to educate and enlighten your new franchisee owners, or a learning and development master adventuring into a more modern way of engaging your eager learners, we’re here to help and meet with you as many times as you can tolerate us.

We’ll get to know each other and build more value in our partnership. As an employee-first organization, this is the same way our team works together now, independently but never alone. Hand-in-hand, we’ll work tirelessly to conjure, revise, and edit or workshop to ensure we’re on the right path to meeting and exceeding your outlined and expected objectives.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll also gain exclusive access to our human-led support team through Slack, an experienced design team ready and equipped to create stunning training content with you, and a platform that encourages you to be you, weird pet peeves and all. Save time, money, sanity, and be a vital part of our future success while engaging learners like you never thought possible. 

If Thanos taught us anything positive, it’s that forces are at highest their peak when combined. Together, we’ll complete the Infinity Gauntlet and break down learner engagement barriers with a single snap.

Experience the benefits of a personalized partnership with Journeyage for yourself, start by requesting a demo.

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Maksym Fedorenko

Front-end Developer


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