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September 29, 2020

Personalization as belonging

You probably do everything you possibly can to make your employees feel welcome on their first day. You print out a nameplate, have their workspace ready, perhaps even grab coffee with them before they start their day. Now that so many of us are working remotely, you’ve adapted even those practices to still feel special, even from a distance.

Journeyage takes belonging seriously. We are assigned a Tribe Guide (think the classmate who shows the new kid around), have standing one to one meetings with managers, use Donut to connect with other tribemates, and every Friday we have a lunch and learn where the whole team gets together to learn and laugh as a group.

We believe, and the research supports us, that belonging is an essential part of wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Sure, just having a job is important. Getting paid well for it is even better. But anyone who has ever been on a team knows there’s something special about being treated like you’re special–even if everyone else is, too! You’re much more likely to put in your best effort because you know that you’ll be recognized and appreciated for what you’re doing.

Belonging is important at the workplace

The need to belong is a basic human need. In fact, it helps us to survive. If those around us like us, they’re more likely to help us find the resources that we need to survive and thrive in a challenging world. Is work really any different? Researchers say no.

In a study conducted by The Harvard Business Review, researchers found that belonging led to a 65% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover cost, and 75% fewer sick days.

Those are numbers that any risk analyst would be hard-pressed to ignore. But there’s more. The study also showed that “Employees with higher workplace belonging also showed a 167% increase in their employer promoter score (their willingness to recommend their company to others). They also received double the raises and 18 times more promotions.” I imagine we have your attention now.

Fostering a sense of belonging

You have all kinds of measures in place to make sure that your team members feel connected and comfortable, but sometimes they don’t, do they? The challenge gets harder the more diverse your workforce. It’s easy to predict what will build belonging when you’re part of a group that, more or less, thinks and acts alike. But add the diversity of a workplace to the mix, and it’s even tougher to know what will get the job done. And yet, a recent CultureAmp survey showed that the tie between employee Net Promoter Score and feelings of belonging is even more correlated in traditionally underrepresented groups. Obviously, even if it’s challenging, it is more critical than ever to focus on employee belonging.

But I bet your company does many of the same things that we do at Journeyage! And you may still be having challenges building belonging from the outset.

Enter personalization

Belonging doesn’t come from an out of the box inclusion training or a gift on the first day of work. Belonging comes from seeing yourself represented in your workforce and being invited in, over and over again.

At Journeyage, we solve this problem through our culture and through our platform, both of which we think you should buy into.

Culturally, we solve that problem by personalizing everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. We get a custom icon to represent us that is included on our passport, our business cards, and our website. We are given budget dollars to personalize our workstations. We even have emojis in Slack for our fur babies! This kind of deep knowledge of our coworkers, their likes and dislikes, and acknowledgment of who we are as people leads to deep engagement.

While you’re welcome to talk with me or any of the team about culture any day, you can probably get value even faster from our product. Journeyage is the world’s first Learning experience personalization (LXP) platform. Why does this matter? Because personalization shouldn’t stop when training starts.

How personalized learning helps

So you’ve taken your new employee to coffee, you’ve given them a little welcome gift and given them time to set up their desk. Then you get them started on training. Why would you settle for a one-size-fits-all training? Journeyage allows you to continue the personalization process as your employee begins to learn more about your company.

From a customized welcome with their name included to a white-labeled, branded experience, to mentioning their position and unit specifically, the employee is reminded, over and over, that they are an important part of the team. Not that anyone sitting in their chair could potentially be important, but that they are important. That they belong.

With our tool, you can customize what content an employee sees based on their role, their location, their title, and more. You can also customize how content is displayed. Don’t want just run of the mill SOPs? Make a video for your employees. Not sure if the most important content really sings in paragraph form? Add a callout.

Belonging matters. Let your employees personalize their learning experience and see how far it goes.

Trying to build belonging in your organization? Consider learning experience personalization.

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Maksym Fedorenko

Front-end Developer


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