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Creating company values with Ann Rhoades

Ann Rhoades, former VP of People at Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, and now founder of People Ink, will join us for a conversation on how to create–and then live by–amazing company values. Join us for an hour of learning with this culture-building pioneer!

Who should attend?

Company leaders interested in creating values that scale--even to remote work!

When is it?

June 23, 12pm PST

How long is it?

45 minutes

How much does it cost?


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Meet Ann

Ann is a dynamic and visionary Corporate Executive with over 25 years experience
in a variety of service-based industries and is President of People Ink, a
consulting company that helps organizations create unique workplace cultures based on values and performance. She held the position of Vice President of the People Department for Southwest Airlines and Executive Vice President of Team Services for Promus Hotel Corporation and most recently, the Executive Vice President of People for JetBlue Airways.

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For the best franchisors, training doesn’t end once the startup period is over. It’s a vital ongoing part of the franchise relationship. For a franchisor to be competitive in the long run, its franchisees must remain current.
Mark Seibert
Entrepreneur Magazine


Meet your hosts

Maksym Fedorenko

Front-end Developer

Jess Divers

Cultural Intelligence Specialist
Desert native who loves spending half her time outdoors and the other half with computers. Accidental collector of craft supplies. Jessica develops clean, intuitive UIs at Journeyage as part of the product team.

Chelsea Bowdren

Valley of the Sun United Way
Compassionate and creative individual with proven success in hospitality, sales, organizational training, and increasing department unity and culture.

Daniel Ash

Co-founder and CEO of Journeyfront
Daniel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Journeyfront, the world’s most accurate hiring software. Daniel has logged over 20,000 hours helping companies with their most complex hiring challenges (issues often related to culture, turnover, performance, and diversity). Before Journeyfront, Daniel worked in private equity and management consulting, helping companies grow, build amazing teams, and solve challenges across a variety of diverse industries: technology, retail, consumer products, finance, non-profit/government, etc. He now gets to help companies at scale with Journeyfront.

Culturally Intelligent

Cultural Intelligence Specialist
We empower people to develop cultural curiosity, lead with empathy, and effect change through compassionate action and culturally intelligent solutions.

Greg Autori

VP, Strategy & Benefit Operations, Bennie
Greg has been in the benefits industry for over a decade. In his current role, he leads Bennie’s client strategy & operations, responsible for building Bennie client benefit programs and providing client HR teams and employees with the support necessary to understand and manage their benefits. Greg & his team approach benefits consulting holistically, looking beyond the insurance products and considering other factors such as employee education, ease of use, and streamlined administration as well. Before joining Bennie in 2019, Greg held several leadership positions in other consulting and benefits administration firms.

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