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Navigating company culture: The benefit of benefits throughout the employee lifecycle

On this webinar you’ll get actionable tips to bring back to your organization on how to increase your competitiveness in recruiting, make your hiring process smooth and sometimes say goodbye to amazing people. Benefits can be boring, but we want to help you use them as a tool to boost your company culture.

Who should attend?

If you're setting up your recruiting, hiring, and firing practices, this webinar is for you.

How long is it?

45 minutes

How much does it cost?

It's free—all the more reason you should attend.

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The benefit of benefits:

We’ve partnered up with Bennie’s VP of Strategy and Benefit Operations, Greg Autouri. He’s been in the benefit space for over a decade and he’s bringing his best tips. We’ll discuss:

  • How awesome benefits can attract great candidates
  • Our steps to making hiring an amazing experience
  • How to make a comprehensive benefits plan
  • How to say goodbye to someone with respect and love


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Meet your hosts

Greg Autori

Greg Autori
Greg has been in the benefits industry for over a decade. In his current role, he leads Bennie’s client strategy & operations, responsible for building Bennie client benefit programs and providing client HR teams and employees with the support necessary to understand and manage their benefits. Greg & his team approach benefits consulting holistically, looking beyond the insurance products and considering other factors such as employee education, ease of use, and streamlined administration as well. Before joining Bennie in 2019, Greg held several leadership positions in other consulting and benefits administration firms.

Lisa Glenn Nobles

Lisa Glenn Nobles
50’s housewife by interest and intersectional feminist at heart, Lisa is just as likely to be whipping up strawberry jalapeño preserves as crafting a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging plan for Journeyage. Her professional passions include building systems, creating strong cultures that value humans over profits, and making Slack a fun place to interact.

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