Witness personalized training in motion

Picking a training solution isn’t just about using software you like, it’s about delivering results that matter. This is our approach.

Schedule a personalized demo

If our learning experience personalization platform looks interesting based on your exploration of our solutions, allow us to #humblebrag a bit: this is just the beginning. Schedule time with one of our Wayfinders to explore all that our features and training solutions can do for you.

What happens after you schedule a demo?

We’re all about partnership, not just having you anonymously sign up for some software and wishing you luck to use it well. Implementing training that works requires a method, and we want to guide you in the process. Here’s what to expect as you move forward with us.

Step 1
10 to 20 minutes

Talk with a wayfinder

Once you request a demo, one of our Wayfinders will reach out to ask you some questions so that we’re prepared to give you a personalized demo of our training platforms.

Step 2
40 to 60 minutes

Demo our training solutions

We’ll walk you through our training solutions and explore how we can serve you best. If other stakeholders need to experience a later demo, too, we’ll happily repeat ourselves.

Step 3
60 to 90 minutes

Define your training goals

After all the necessary stakeholders have seen our platform on your end, we’ll schedule a Point A experience, where we co-create the milestones, goals, and scope for your training.

Step 4
10 to 40 minutes

Finalize the contract

You’ll receive a contract for digital signature, easy peasy. But every organization has their own procurement process, so if you need us to navigate that instead, no problem.

And off we go

These two-plus hours of upfront exploratory work will help us ensure that we collaboratively deliver on the results that matter to you. After this, we’ll be moving forward fast.