Your experience matters to us

As much as you aim to deliver a stellar experience to your trainees, we want to deliver just as irreplaceable an experience to you.

We have crafted four keystone experiences

In your journey with us, we consider each of these events to be a milestone that deserves more than a mediocre meeting—it deserves an extraordinary experience. For each one, we have designed a clear purpose, agenda, and set of deliverables that help move us forward, fast.

In this first experience you share with the Journeyage tribe, we will document a clear plan and scope for how to achieve your training goals. It all starts here.

The Trailhead is your opportunity to meet your dedicated customer guide, establish relational logistics, and get started on the right foot. We have liftoff.

It’s time to architect your learning experience (hence the “LX”) and outline your initial training journey. This digs into the real meat of your training plan.
Checkpoints are the recurring time to convene with your customer guide, track progress toward your goals, and determine the next steps. Never stop improving.
Eventually, through steady progress and commitment to the goals we established at the beginning, you reach your training goals. When that happens, a surprise awaits you.
“Journeyage helped us crush our training goals. Our previous LMS couldn’t come close to the results that this personalized training solution could deliver.”

Our pursuit

Our mission is to deliver irreplaceable training, and for us, that all starts with an authentic, loving relationship that marches you toward your goals. These experiences are some of the ways in which we seek to pursue that mission with passion, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you.