Your experience matters to us

As much as you aim to deliver a stellar experience to your trainees, we want to deliver just as irreplaceable an experience to you.

Creating training is hard, but it can be easier

Starting down the path to create amazing training can feel daunting, whether you’re a battle-tested L&D veteran or you’re navigating things for the very first time. Without a proven way forward, it can feel like you’re treading into unknown territory, scrambling, wandering even.

That’s where we come in, working as guides to make each stage as satisfying as possible. In each step of your training journey, you’ll experience stellar interactions that make your efforts easier—and more enjoyable. Here’s what you can expect as you move forward with us.

Customers love us

Discover and decide

You shouldn’t have to go through the trial and error that too many companies go through when choosing the right training partner. With Journeyage, you can expect a buying experience that outlines your essential training goals, answers your biggest questions, defines the appropriate scope, and helps you do so at the right pace. It all starts here.

Co-create and rollout

Next comes the hard part—designing, implementing, and launching a quality learning experience to your people. Avoid elongating project timelines, scope creep, and expanding budgets. At this stage, we leverage a fast, reliable process to co-create and deploy your initial training space within as little as one week. Time for takeoff.

Achieve and improve

As exciting as the rollout phase is, that’s the starting line, not where you finish. Now’s the time when measuring against your goals and iteratively improving your training experience is most important. Together with your guide, we never take our eyes off the prize or our feet off the accelerator. Onward.

Get ready for an experience—many of them, in fact

To deliver against these three phases of your journey, we have designed (and refined) multiple points along the way for you to co-create with us, receive the mission critical communication you need, and celebrate your milestones. While we don’t mean to brag, we can say with confidence—you will be delighted every step along the way.

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Pack up

Step 1 • 3 - 30 minutes

Build your initial training plan and goals

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Step 2 • 30 - 60 minutes

Demo our personalized training platform


Point A

Step 3 • 60 minutes

Define the right scope for your needs

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Step 4 • 30 minutes

Meet your customer guide and get started

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Step 5 • 15 - 90 minutes

Design your learning experience and journeys

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Step 6 • 30 minutes

Check-in with your guide and iterate quickly


Base camp

Step 7 • 15 minutes

Celebrate your successful training launch



Step 8 • 15 minutes

Look how far you’ve come and all you’ve achieved


Next frontiers

Step 9 • 2-4 hours

Plan for what’s possible next—anything

Take the first step

Our mission is to deliver irreplaceable training, and for us, that all starts with an authentic, loving relationship that marches you toward your goals. These experiences are some of the ways in which we seek to pursue that mission with passion, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you.