Stay on track, moving fast

Reaching the summit of your training goals is no small feat. It will require thoughtful steps and trusted guidance. Planned checkpoints help us learn quickly and continue the journey.


How much time it takes

These one-hour customer meetings are led by your personal Customer Guide once, or twice a month depending on the gear you select for the trip.

Who should be there

Checkpoints are for the key relationship managers, a.k.a. the main points of contact. If more are needed, you’ll be notified in advance!

What will be achieved

Each checkpoint aims to build relationship at its core, and will be packed with progress updates, key learner insights, and intended outcomes before the next meeting. To put it simply, get things done!

We have a purpose, and some rules for the road

Utilizing the checkpoint agenda, our intent by conducting this experience is to…

Equip yourself for the trip

We want you to feel productively prepared for this experience. To equip yourself prior to our Checkpoint, follow these helpful steps.


Schedule recurring Checkpoints

During your Trailhead experience you’ll schedule recurring Checkpoints in order to maintain consistency.


Feel productively prepared

Not only will you get a Checkpoint agenda each time, but your Customer Guide always keeps a record of your personal meeting series to reference at any time.


Don’t be a stranger

Just because we have recurring checkpoints doesn’t mean you won’t hear from us, nor do we not want to hear from you! Expect gifs, emojis, and quality memes.

Take the next step

This is just one of many experiences you’ll share with us. If you haven’t started with Journeyage yet, let’s move your training forward, fast.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Talk to your customer guide or wayfinder to get reacquainted with the Journeyage platform.

Technically, yes. This is an experience for customers only.