LX mapping

You dream it, we'll build it

To march toward your training goals, we need a clear path forward. LX mapping will help you dream about—and begin to realize—what’s possible.

How much time it takes

In this 90-minute workshop, we will define a plan that serves as an effective architecture for all your current and future training content.

Who should be there

On your side, be sure to invite the training project manager and subject matter experts for any courses you are designing with us.

What will be achieved

You will walk away with learner segments, initial personalization attributes, elements of style, course outlines, and a first journey. Wow.

We have a purpose, and some rules for the road

Leveraging a meeting map and a few other helpful tools of the trade, our five-fold intent by conducting this experience is to…

LX mapping creates clarity

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our cojourners have to say about the experience in their own words. 

How do we make our own customer onboarding experience as exceptional as this? The Point A was the single best workshop I've been a part of when starting with a new partner. Well done, Journeyage.
Chris S.
C-level decision maker
Journeyage was exceptionally engaging and worked to make all things possible. Thank you!
Robin D.
VP-level stakeholder
Jonathan, Barry, and Derek make a wonderful Point A trio. The presentation was smooth and the Journeyage team was able to answer every question we threw their way. They also had wonderful ideas every time we were stumped. Great work Journeyage!
Emma L.
Project manager
Super excited to collaborate with such an engaging team!
Debbie H.
C-level stakeholder
The meeting helped structure how our organization will approach the development of several training modules. The information was relevant, and the guidance helped me frame how it will look moving forward.
Katie P.
VP-level relationship manager
The Point A experience proved that Journeyage was a partner we not only wanted, but needed. We are thrilled to work and learn with the entire team.
Ravi G.
C-level decision maker

Equip yourself for the trip

We want you to feel productively prepared for this experience. To equip yourself prior to our LX mapping, follow these helpful steps.


Schedule your LX mapping

In the initial Trailhead meeting, your dedicated customer guide will schedule an initial LX mapping. It should be held within two weeks after kickoff.


Help everyone prepare

Though you don’t need to know all the answers before we meet, the more questions you can respond to in your preparation survey, the readier we’ll be.


Come ready to engage

This is the beginning of a co-creation process. We’re inviting everyone into the design process, not just select experts, so be ready to engage fully.


Enjoy the map

After this collaborative experience, you’ll walk away with a clear plan and initial outline for the training you will deliver. 

Take the next step

This is just one of many experiences you’ll share with us. If you haven’t started with Journeyage yet, let’s move your training forward, fast.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is a paid experience. However, if you have already purchased our learning experience design services, one session will be included free of charge. 

It’s important to us that all the right people participate in the LX mapping. At a minimum, that should include your training project manager and any subject matter experts who might be involved in contributing to the training content. Typically, we expect anywhere between two and five people from your team, and you can expect two to three from our side.

We will have defined your goals by the time this experience happens in your initial Point A, and we will have confirmed those in your Trailhead. 

Three important steps happen right after this experience. First, you get a deliverable that you can use on your side to further communicate your training architecture and with your team. Second, you’ll receive a survey from us asking about how we can improve this experience—we’re still learning. Third, and most importantly, we will schedule your first course review, marking the date that you can expect to experience your initial training.

The list of content expectations we have of customers who have purchased our learning experience design (LXD) services is fairly minimal. But it is important that we receive everything in our content expectations checklist to be able to move forward, fast.

While each learning experience design (LXD) plan and timeline may vary slightly by customer and engagement, you can always hold us to our standard turnaround times as detailed in our LXD service level agreements (SLAs)

No problem, just reach out to your dedicated customer guide. If you haven’t yet partnered with Journeyage, talk with one of our Wayfinders to get you started. We can’t wait to explore the possibilities—and your questions—with you.