Point A

Define your training goals

To craft your extraordinary training experience, we start with an experience—the Point A. Prepare yourself for an engaging, purposeful adventure.

How much time it takes

Prepare for a 90-minute workshop that will clearly define where you’re going and how we can help you get there, fast.

Who should be there

On your side, be sure to invite the final decision-maker, training project manager, and subject matter experts.

What will be achieved

By the end of this experience, you will have a documented objective, plan, and scope for how to achieve your training goals.

We have a purpose, and some rules for the road

Leveraging a meeting map and a few other handy dandy tools, our four-fold intent by conducting this experience is to…

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Your training journey starts here

Here’s what some of our cojourners have to say about the Point A experience and how it has helped move their training forward. 

How do we make our own customer onboarding experience as exceptional as this? The Point A was the single best workshop I've been a part of when starting with a new partner. Well done, Journeyage.
Chris S.
C-level decision maker
Journeyage was exceptionally engaging and worked to make all things possible. Thank you!
Robin D.
VP-level stakeholder
Jonathan, Barry, and Derek make a wonderful Point A trio. The presentation was smooth and the Journeyage team was able to answer every question we threw their way. They also had wonderful ideas every time we were stumped. Great work Journeyage!
Emma L.
Project manager
Super excited to collaborate with such an engaging team!
Debbie H.
C-level stakeholder
The meeting helped structure how our organization will approach the development of several training modules. The information was relevant, and the guidance helped me frame how it will look moving forward.
Katie P.
VP-level relationship manager
The Point A experience proved that Journeyage was a partner we not only wanted, but needed. We are thrilled to work and learn with the entire team.
Ravi G.
C-level decision maker

Equip yourself for the trip

We want you to feel productively prepared for the beginning of this journey. To equip yourself prior to our Point A, here’s what you’ll need to do.


Schedule your Point A

After you’ve experienced a product demo, it’s time to schedule your Point A. The Wayfinder you’re working with will make this easy on you.


Get fully prepared

It’s important you know what type of questions we’ll be asking you as we set out to accomplish this session’s objective. 


Come with answers

Now that you have your experience scheduled and worksheet on-hand, we encourage going through the answers with your team beforehand. We’ll take it from there.


Enjoy the view

Regardless of what happens after this experience, you’ll walk away with clear milestones, goals, and a proposed scope for your training efforts.

Take the next step

Should you decide to move your training forward with Journeyage, this is just the first of many experiences you’ll share with us. But it all starts here, at Point A. Are you ready?

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. In fact, we never schedule a Point A experience until all the decision makers on your side have shared a demo of our platform first. If you haven’t done that yet, request a demo now.

Nope, it’s free. While there’s a ton of value that you and your team will gain through this experience, it comes at no cost to you. All we ask is that you are ready to make a final decision and move forward within a few weeks after your Point A.

It’s important to us that all the right people participate in the Point A. At a minimum, that should include your final decision-maker, training project manager, and any subject matter experts who might be involved in contributing to the training content. Typically, we expect anywhere between two and five people from your team, and you can expect two to three from our side.

That’s absolutely fine. This is very common, and it’s one of the reasons we share this Point A experience before starting with any customer. If you don’t have your goals defined yet, we’ll help guide you in the process and co-create objectives and key results that are clear, attainable, and meaningful.

Two key things happen right after this experience. First, you get a deliverable that you can use on your side to further communicate your training goals with your team. Next, you’ll share a statement of work review with one of our Wayfinders no more than two days after the Point A. Once we agree on a final contract, we’ll be off and running.

We’re fast. But also, it’s important we take these first steps to make sure we’re heading quickly in the right direction. After your Point A, we can have your initial learning experience launched within as little as two weeks, depending on how quickly you deliver us the assets needed for your rollout. In typical rollouts, though, we help our customers launch successful training within six to eight weeks.

No problem. Just contact us or reach out to one of the Wayfinders you’re already in touch with. We can’t wait to explore the possibilities—and your questions—with you.