Prepare to launch well

Now that the training goals are charted on the map, meet at the Trailhead to officially take the first steps toward the summit. Get ready for a highly tactical experience.

How much time it takes

Prepare for a 30-minute session that will review your training goals, establish a collaborative partnership, and formalize the roadmap to success.

Who should be there

On your side, be sure to invite the key relationship manager that will be the main point of contact. No need for large groups or committees here.

What will be achieved

By the end of this experience, you will have checkpoints scheduled, a clear understanding of our timeline, and what it takes to co-create an irreplaceable training experience.

We have a purpose, and some rules for the road

Utilizing the trailhead agenda, our intent by conducting this experience is to…

Equip yourself for the trip

We want you to feel productively prepared for this experience. To equip yourself prior to our Trailhead, follow these helpful steps.


Schedule your Trailhead

Within a day after everybody’s signed on the dotted line, you can expect a personal note from your customer guide welcoming you to Journeyage along with a Trailhead request. 


Help everyone prepare

We’ll take a moment to review our engagement, so the only thing you’ll need to answer are a few logistical details about billing and scheduling. We may ask about a few of your favorite things, too.


High fives all around

Celebrate good times, come on! This is just the start of our journey together. Let the adventure begin!

Take the next step

This is just one of many experiences you’ll share with us. If you haven’t started with Journeyage yet, let’s move your training forward, fast.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Talk to your customer guide or wayfinder to get reacquainted with the Journeyage platform.

Nope. This is the official kickoff to our partnership. Let the good times roll.