We’ll throw in a kitchen sink

Quickly explore all the slick, useful features our amazing customers enjoy. (Pssst, you can, too.) 

What’s new and notable

Like all good, design-oriented, product-minded companies, we’re constantly iterating and deploying new features that meet the needs of our customers and their learners. We really love our users.


Pretty text up with bold, italics, bullets, and more

Enterprise security

Store the valuable information needed, worry-free

SCORM importing

Import external content and start personalizing

Reliable infrastructure

Build on an AWS stack that's reliably resilient

Learning experience features

Your learners deserve a user experience that’s as engaging as the platforms they’re used to engaging with everyday. Our learning experience is just the ticket.


Expand and collapse relevant content with accordions.


Align text to the left, right, or center


Grant managers and admins the final signoff


Write and share articles that reinforce training


Enhance training with soundbites worth hearing


Empower anyone to share the latest news


Don't be shy with text, be bold


Make text easier to scan using bullets


Emphasize key notes, tips, warnings, and more


Source every image and note those little details


Quickly capture visitors' email or mobile info


Place the spotlight on images worth showing


Creatively organize and browse training content


Centralize community and training in one home


Visualize data in meaningful, beautiful ways


Cite noteworthy data without cluttering content


Develop trainees through face-to-face check-ins


Intelligently group training journeys and steps


Establish strong pillars of content


Let learners offer up their two cents


Verify the abilities people need to succeed

Countdowns / Timers

Show something only for a matter of moments


Deliver formal, step-by-step training


Add widgets to mission critical dashboards

Administrative features

As much as your learners want a slick user experience, you also deserve the freedom to customize and manage your training. Our easy-to-use admin will just do the trick.

Activity feeds

Watch the user activity that's most important

Admin dashboard

Control all L&D from one commanding experience

Attribute management

Control all trainees' personalized attributes

Auto saving

Don't worry about losing work again, it's saved

Content assignments

Assign the training each person needs to know

Content editing

Simply craft and edit every last bit of content

Content personalization

Tailor content to different learner segments

Content priorities

Order the most valuable training content first

Course overview reports

Know what lessons are and aren't performing well

Design personalization

Design the experience to feel fully on-brand

Engagement reports

Dig into likes, comments, interactions, and more

Feedback reports

Understand how to improve each step of the journey

Group management

Group people by teams, roles, locations, and more

Key editing

Easily manage every learners' personalized info

Learner overview reports

Analyze how each learner is doing in their journey

Learner personalization

Infuse learner-specific content on every page

Performance reports

Analyze training content performance as needed


Upgrade or downgrade user permissions, nice and easy

Personalized previews

Preview what other users see exactly as they do

Progress reports

Remove obstacles in each learner's journey


Visualize training outcomes with meaningful data

SCORM importing

Import external content and start personalizing

SSO integration

Simplify logging in with the credentials users know

User invitations

Automatically invite trainees in bulk or one-off

Platform features

There’s always a wizard behind the curtain. Journeyage is powered by technology that enables you to secure, optimize, and deliver your training up to enterprise standards.

99.9% uptime

Stay on the up-and-up, day-in and day-out


Optimize for speed with a global CDN backbone

Enterprise security

Store the valuable information needed, worry-free


New capabilities and features are no problem

Language agnostic

Make learning local, internationalization-ready

Microservices (architecture)

Manage structured training with decoupled APIs


Move beyond friendliness, make it true love

Privacy compliance


Reliable infrastructure

Build on an AWS stack that's reliably resilient


Gain full, programmatic control over all L&D assets

Service features

All of our solutions are backed by a loving tribe of amazing humans on a mission to deliver irreplaceable training. You don’t just get our exceptional software, you get extraordinary service.

Admin training

Level up team members to become LXP experts

Customer badges

Earn badges for reaching important milestones

Customer experiences

Co-create something exceptional with our tribe

Customer guides

Rely on equipped, dedicated customer guides

Design revisions

Review and request the LXD rework needed

Goal tracking

Stay on course to achieving the main objective

Insight analysis

Dig into meaningful monthly data and insights

Integration support

Let us help make the right automated connections

Journey mappings

Outline the next training's objectives and content

Ongoing enhancements

Sit back, let us work on the improvements

Recurring checkpoints

Stay on track to achieve each training goal

Rollout support

Count on a smooth, successful training rollout

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Reach somebody today, 365 days per year

Staff augmentation

Expand internal L&D capabilities and resources

Support via Slack

Get real-time assistance, no need to wait around


Start the new training journey with firm footing

Achieve your training objective

Connect with us to move your training forward, fast.