Learning experience management

Proactive support led by real humans

Your training goals deserve undivided attention and sustained focus. Our customer guides partner with you to fully support your journey to create  transformative training experiences.

Confidently deploy your training

Get your training up and running swiftly through the expert guidance of a Learning Experience Manager. Our LXMs serve as your personal guide, helping your organization navigate the training development experience with ease and confidence.

A personal touch, every step of the way

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Prepare for the journey ahead

We leverage high value onboarding meetings to ensure everybody's ready to move forward, fast.
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Keep everything on track

A real human with your best interests in mind, keeping the project going. Isn’t that refreshing?
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Get timely expert insight

We’ll guide you to the best solution and ensure that everything’s set up for your trainees to succeed.
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Enjoy dedicated rollout support

We’re with you throughout the journey. Our systems are built to ensure your go-live is a hit.
Human led

Managed by a real person

Rolling out new training experiences is no small feat. We’re a highly organized and attentive-to-detail operation, which allows your team to have complete visibility throughout the entire training development process.

Data centric

To-the-point learner insights

Work with your guide to receive actionable data, reflect, and improve your learner’s experience. Journeyage’s unique onboarding and meeting approach helps you measure what matters and build training that actually works.

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experiences.”

John Dewey
Support focused

Save the day

Every training hero (that’s you) gets a sidekick, and we’re in it for the long-haul. You’re saving the day by delivering an irreplaceable training experience to your organization, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

We'll do the heavy lifting

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Real-time chat

Got a sec? Absolutely. Communicate with your guide directly in a dedicated Slack channel.
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Recurring checkpoints

This isn’t a “set it and forget it” relationship. Checkpoints keep us on track and working together to achieve your training goals.
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Data-backed insights

Continuously improve your training experience with monthly data and meaningful learner insights.
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Ridiculously fast turnaround

Activate your training content quickly and watch your courses come to life in a matter of weeks.
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Goal tracking

Your training goals matter. Together we’ll develop, analyze, and track against the results you aim to achieve.
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Integration support

We work with you to integrate the tools needed to optimize your training workflow. We’re creative in finding winning solutions.

Achieve your training objective

Connect with us to move your training forward, fast.