Learning experience personalization

Personalize every aspect of your training

Your organization deserves the freedom to customize its learning experience, plus your people demand engaging, specific, personalized training. Learning experience personalization will get you there. 
Content personalization

Change what people learn based on who they are

Simply define your learner segments and modify the content that each person encounters. Contextualize content based on role, leadership level, or any other factor to help your trainees focus on what’s most helpful for them in their learning journey.  

Learner personalization

Tailor 100% of your content so your people feel known

Keep that personalized, you-know-their-name feeling throughout the entire learning experience, even while training your entire workforce at scale. Training’s never felt so good.

“A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

Dale Carnegie
Design personalization

Make it feel like your brand, all the way through

Quickly configure an experience that’s aligned to your brand promise, design standards, learning architecture, internal nomenclature, and training goals. Just because you’re on our platform, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look and sound like you.

Choose the right content for the right situation

Leverage Journeyage’s robust suite of learning experience objects (LXOs) to package your most inspiring content into something digestible, beautiful, and easy to access.


Expand and collapse relevant content.


Enhance training with soundbites worth hearing.


Emphasize key notes, tips, warnings, and more.

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Visualize data in meaningful, beautiful ways.


Make training do anything a widget can.

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Mark trainees' calendars with not-to-miss events.

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Collect the necessary info with friendly forms.

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Make training pop with images that impress.

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Help people learn more about the topic on their time.

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Give trainees a glance into what others think.

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Encourage reflection before trainees move ahead.

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Promote files, links, books, and more resources.

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Present the slides trainees need to review.

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Add columns and rows that never go out of style.

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Assign projects and tasks to ready trainees.

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Breathe life into training through video.

Achieve your training objective

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