Compliance training

How to make compliance training better (and less boring)

Personalization is the key to creating more engaging, meaningful, and compelling compliance courses for your employees.

Traditional compliance training is routinely boring, stale, and lacking impact. The “check the box” mentality most take is completely un-engaging and leads to employee indifference. This kind of ineffective compliance training can be very costly, resulting in fines, bad company reputation, and low employee morale.

Move from compliance to comprehensive learning  

Learning experience personalization helps companies transition from just “checking the box” to creating learners who truly understand the why behind the regulations and how to help enforce the policies that safeguard businesses as they grow. It starts with content that goes beyond training to promote learning, behavior change, and enhanced accountability.

Personalized compliance training is more engaging, effective, and implemented

We all know that compliance training—the kind mandated by legislation, regulation, or policy varying by state, industry and job function—is boring. Like, really boring. But it’s important, mission critical even, that your team has a mutual understanding about codes of conduct, harassment prevention methods, OSHA, HIPAA, and more.

Now, imagine if compliance training spoke directly to you, about the job you do and the people you work with. What if it provided real-life examples that you could relate to? 

Journeyage gives you all the necessary compliance training basics like tracking course completion, timelines, and reporting. But most importantly, we can help you assess your team’s compliance skills, ensuring effectiveness and sustainability.


Compliance improves company culture by…

  • Boosting employee engagement and retention. Workers are twice as likely to quit their jobs after observing compliance violations.
  • Empowering people to speak up. 33% of employees have witnessed a compliance violation that went unreported.
  • Building more inclusive teams. Communication, teamwork, and productivity improve when everyone has the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.
  • Reinforcing your company values. Nothing says “toxic culture” like an organization that plays by their own rules at their own peril.

Compliance also promotes safety for all

  • Effective compliance reduces the risk of accidents, theft, lawsuits and more.
  • It increases positive customer interactions and relationships.
  • Good training prepares and protects your team physically, mentally, and legally.

Through holistic, personalized training, you can create more engaging and effective compliance that will help your company build and maintain a strong and safe working environment.

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Lisa Glenn Nobles


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