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How to build and offer custom continuing education courses

Break the mold and reward your lifelong-learning professionals with personalized content that keeps them engaged and hungry for more.

From healthcare to real estate, continuing education courses are a necessary and incredible way to encourage your people to develop new professional skills, climb the ladder into leadership roles, and become forward-thinking innovators. The problem is, these courses all follow the same boring, monotonous, unbearable routine resulting in low engagement and low information retention, causing member churn and a drop in active users and participation. As learners’ demands continue to change, now is the time to set yourself apart by revamping and recreating a CE formula to show your members their true value through self-created, personalized continuing education content.

Don’t just fill the requirement, teach something new your own way  

When you take the time to create your own continuing education content, you allow your learner to invest in your own message and learn from you directly while avoiding those cookie-cutter, seen-it-all-before training modules that have people thinking, “let’s just get this over with.” You’ll be a part of the learning revolution that drives deeper learner engagement while improving productivity, role-specific intelligence and an irreplaceable interactive experience your competition will be begging you to share. The best news of all, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

With us, learning won’t feel like an obligation

Through learning experience personalization, Journeyage takes CEU courses to new heights. We offer you the opportunity to build with us and create courses that feel specifically designed for each learner through necessary, role-specific callouts and content. Whatever your educational goals might be, we have the tools to make those goals reality. We empower you and your organization to maintain your own message and create an unparalleled, lifetime-lasting learning culture. 

Picture this: your local state government just made a huge change to policy and you have to re-educate your membership base of antsy real estate agents, they just want to get out there and sell. They shuffle in and aggressively slump down into their seats and blankly look at their computer screens until they see it. Their name, their role, their title, their own content made especially for them with your own message saying, “we know this isn’t fun but we’re going to try something new.” Instead of putting all of their heads onto their left fists, they perk up, read word for word and ace all of their quizzes. 

So, what makes the difference? It’s simple. Personalization to the core of every human no matter how boring the content.

Through continuing education personalization, you will…

  • Maintain your own message. You know your learners better than anyone else. Use your own language to better engage and keep a consistent and positive experience at the forefront of every course.
  • Increase productivity, everybody earns more. Unleash the power of knowledge to boost confidence. When teams are engaged and valued, business profitability increases by 21%.
  • Improve information retention. Highlight the information that matters. Guide your learners your own way through necessary content and drastically increase knowledge retention.
  • Reduce churn. Learners that receive a structured, personalized learning experience are 69% more likely to remain with your organization for three years or more.

Do more by doing less

  • Reduce member learning downtime and increase job proficiency.
  • Avoid the need for rework by educating your learners to do work the right way the first time.
  • Individually recognize your members to encourage growth and awareness around your organization’s mission and purpose.

Personalizing your continuing education unit courses will foster the learning culture you’ve always dreamed of. See widespread organizational growth and satisfaction that will cultivate new opportunities for you, your leadership and your learners. Become what your competition can only dream of with such little involvement they won’t believe you.m

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Lisa Glenn Nobles


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