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Reduce churn, maximize lifetime value, and create brand champions by personalizing every engagement from the first login.

The best case for any business implementing a new software platform is to have an on-site training expert walk them through the nuances of their purchase. The reality is that in-person training, while often the most effective, is expensive and rarely possible. The sad majority of new customers are left with lackluster “self-guided” tools to try and onboard and teach themselves, resulting in low product adoption, a short-lived business relationship, and a potential hit to your company’s reputation.

Stop churn with better customer training  

According to customer success experts, there are four common reasons why customers churn, including: bad customer service, bad onboarding, and lack of ongoing customer success.1Why Customer Churn Happens | GrooveHQ What impact could you have on each of these “reasons” if you provided a better onboarding experience? From that starting point, you could continue delivering on-demand training experiences to ensure your customer had anytime access to product information, updates, networking events, and more.

Personalized training helps your customers engage 

Thanks to Dale Carnegie, we all know that a person’s favorite word in any language is their name. With Journeyage, you can deliver content that mentions your user by name. But, we don’t stop there. We can personalize your training content down to the learner’s role, location, industry (and much more).

For example: yours is a product serving a variety of industries and used by people with various titles. This means you’re going to want to train the Vice President of Marketing for a financial services company in Ohio differently than the Salesperson for a healthcare consulting company in Texas. Personalizing your customer onboarding for either—or each—of these roles increases your chances of both of them one day becoming product champions.

Exceptional experiences drive customer loyalty

  • Onboard your customers with love. Proper onboarding leads to higher user adoption and engagement. Highly-engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction, and have three times the annual value.2GrooveHQ 
  • Train them on their schedule. Any-time access allows your customer to learn on their own time.
  • Personalized learning shows you understand your customers. 56% of customers stay loyal to brands which “get them.”
  • A loyal customer tells their friends. On average, satisfied customers will share their positive experience with 11 different people.

A loyal customer base improves sales

  • Decrease your churn rate. 65% of SaaS companies reported good churn rates to be 10% or less annually.3cobloom
  • Increase sales. 86% of customers will pay more for better customer support.4Oracle
  • If you’re in a recurring revenue business, most of your revenue comes after the initial sale.

Personalizing the product training experience you deliver to your customers will help them see more value, create deeper loyalty, and increase their lifetime value. Oh, and tell their friends about you, too.

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