Diversity, equity, and inclusion

How to build diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces

Personalized training is the most effective approach to engaging with your teams about diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Talking honestly about diversity, equity, and inclusion is not easy. We all have implicit and unconscious biases to acknowledge and solve for in order to build stronger, more effective teams.

Personalized diversity, equity, and inclusion training  

Go beyond pre-packaged, out of the box DEI training solutions and provide personalized learning experiences for each of your team members. Real learning happens when you engage with your trainees on a personal level, and tailor content uniquely to them. Depending on our lived experience, we all need different tools—and that’s why personalization is so important.

DEI is essential to building strong organizations

It makes good business sense to invest in DEI because diverse workforces outperform homogenous ones. They attract and retain the best talent, solve problems faster, innovate more often, and drive more profits. More importantly, it makes good human sense, because everybody wants to feel seen, heard and cared for.

Your company culture is like a quilt, each team member is a unique square. Each individual square can be pretty cool on its own but when you stitch them all together, they become something incredibly special and altogether more interesting. You need a variety of squares to build an amazing quilt and you also need to understand how they work together.

Meaningful training is the strong thread that makes your quilt strong, durable, and able to fulfill its purpose. Journeyage is here to help you create personalized DEI training that will resonate with and positively impact your organization for years to come.

Drive transformational change and growth

  • Diversity leads to high performance. Companies that value diversity and inclusion have teams that are more creative, solve problems faster and lead innovation in their industry.
  • Earn more, grow faster. Gender diverse organizations see a 19% boost to revenue. If that diversity extends to management, leadership teams, and boards they have even greater earning potential.
  • DEI is a competitive advantage. Racially and ethnically diverse groups have been shown to outperform competitors by 35%.
  • Diverse teams are happier. The generations dominating the workforce are the most diverse in history. 67% say diversity is important to them and contributes to their job satisfaction.

Maximize talent in your organization

  • DEI training and personalization increase employee engagement.
  • Diverse companies have less employee turnover, allowing them to invest more in learning and development.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion can improve reputation, expand talent pools and boost hiring results.

There is no downside to diversity, equity, and inclusion – only benefits. Personalized training for your team will help you move faster towards your DEI goals and realize the benefits sooner.

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