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Effective online leadership development helps grow your talent pipeline and focus your best people on what’s important. ​

Every organization needs repeatable and effective leadership development training to help them win the day. In a dynamic market and rapidly changing globalized environment, great leadership is what will distinguish the organizations that get to shape the future. This means there must be a premium put on the ability to successfully develop new leaders. By deploying the right tools and strategies, you can help your organization hone its leadership process and effectively compete. The Journeyage platform makes bringing your people powerful, beautifully designed, impactful training easier than ever. 

Invest in your leaders

The right tools can focus leadership training into a transformative experience that hits the mark every time. Your people crave development, and we need to move away from circumstantial, different-every-time training methods if we’re going to give more people a chance to lead. Technology now allows us to deliver world-class leadership training to anyone with a WiFi connection, and Journeyage can help make it happen.

Build your talent pipeline

When an organization builds up its talent pipeline, it’s useful for a couple of reasons. First, it means that your organization is better prepared for the present. A healthy talent pipeline means employees are engaged, developing, and applying newfound skills into their current roles. Second, it means that there is a healthy focus on the future. Helping people grow, hone their skills, and effectively execute strategy means there’s a deep pool to recruit from internally for the company’s future. When you grow, you’ll know exactly who to promote.

The best way to bulk up your talent pipeline is through intentional online training. Journeyage leverages powerful learning experience objects (LXOs) within the platform to take your leadership training and reimagine it into something digestible, beautiful, and easy to access. We use these LXOs to reimagine videos, documents, articles, slideshows, and more into a seamless learning experience that keeps your learners energized and focused.

Features like reporting, quizzes, and discussion questions help ensure that learners know exactly where to focus their efforts as they grow their leadership abilities. By providing real direction and feedback, your employees will be motivated by knowing exactly what they need to do in order to improve. By developing a learning experience that keeps the user at the center, we’re able to help people take the next step on their leadership journey. 

Increase the success rate of new leaders

  • Online learning drives engagement. Companies that use some form of e-learning experience an 18% boost in employee engagement.
  • A user-first approach keeps it simple. If you build it right, they will come. We build every feature and experience with the learner in mind. 
  • Our process keeps it focused. Our best practices eliminate unneeded material and hyper-focus your content for an ideal remote learning experience. 
  • Help your new leaders succeed. 20% of first-time managers are doing a poor job, according to the people they lead. How could better training help change that? 

Help them lead effectively, faster

  • Online learning boosts knowledge retention by 25% to 60%. The faster your leadership training moves to digital, the bigger the impact your leaders will make.  
  • By condensing and focusing the content in your learning experience, people will get the idea quicker and retain it longer. 
  • Eliminate the travel time, trainer fees, and hotel costs. Focus on the ideas that matter and get people where they need to go. 

Organizations can’t afford to not invest in their leaders. A well-run leadership development program opens up endless possibilities for your organization and your people. It’s a bit of a challenge to reimagine it all, but that’s why we’re here. Need help creating an exceptional learning experience for your leaders? We’re here.

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Geoff Gentry

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