Multi-location training

How to systematize multi-location training

Having a standard training program provides clarity to your teams and makes your business more profitable.

Training is the most important aspect of running a successful franchise. Having irreplaceable training will help you attract the best talent, increase employee longevity, and improve your brand as an exceptional place to work due to your investment in your workforce.

Move from compliance to comprehensive learning  

Learning experience personalization helps companies transition from just “checking the box” to creating learners who truly understand the why behind the regulations and how to help enforce the policies that safeguard businesses as they grow. It starts with content that goes beyond training to promote learning, behavior change, and enhanced accountability.

Personalized compliance training is more engaging, effective, and implemented

There’s so much important information to communicate to owners and employees at all levels of a franchise organization. Traditional solutions make it a challenge to create training for all the markets, locations, and roles involved, and as you expand, giving your training the personal touch it needs becomes more and more difficult.

At Journeyage, we leverage our learning experience design (LXD) team and methodology to help you create standardized training courses that are then personalized, increasing relevance and impact across your multiple locations. Our unique features allow you to deliver training that personalized for all of your learners based on their location, role and more.


Increase the value of your franchise organization

  • Make more money. Companies with the best training enjoy 24% higher profit margins and 218% higher income per employee.
  • Foster consistency. Learning programs ensure your team follows established processes and you can deliver on your brand promise.
  • Reduce your training costs. The average training cost per employee is $1,252 and over 33 hours of time.
  • Increase your acquisition potential. Standardized training makes your company more valuable to potential buyers.

Attract and retain your best employees

Let’s face it, training is difficult and you do not have the time to give it the time it deserves. Let Journeyage do the heavy lifting and craft irreplaceable training for your teams.

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Lisa Glenn Nobles


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