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How to be a better business partner

Personalized training will speed up partner onboarding, increase their product knowledge, and win more mind-share for your business.

Partners help carry your brand to a larger audience. They build strong relationships that allow them to influence customer decisions. But they usually represent multiple brands, meaning you might have to work to maintain their mind-share to ensure your product gets recommended. 

Stand out from the partner pack  

Exceptional partner training will help you stay top-of-mind with all of your partners and give them the tools they need to message your brand with the same knowledge and passion your internal teams have.

Personalize your partner relationships

Many businesses using a partnership model rely heavily on their Channel Managers – specialized team members capable of navigating complex situations, with the gift of crafting solutions at a moment’s notice to manage partner relationships. But a single channel manager can only handle so many partners. You need a way to help your Channel Managers do more without sacrificing the relationships that come from one to one interaction. 

Both you and your channel partners will see success (and revenue) faster if you are able to onboard them quickly with training programs capable of considering who they are and who their audience is. The Journeyage Learning Experience Platform allows you to segment your partner’s training based on use case specific data points, with limited lift from your Channel Managers. 

With this approach, you can be more certain each partner has been trained on your solution through the lens that resonates most with them.


Be a better partner by…

  • Empowering your new partner. Give them the enablement technology that less than half of their other partners do.
  • Clearly defining the needs and challenges. 72% of partners are unable to identify pain points and match them to the right product.
  • Making it obvious how you’re different. 69% of channel partners don’t have enough information to differentiate and properly sell the product offering.
  • Decreasing lengthy ramp-up times. Realize value sooner than the 1 year it takes most companies.

Create lasting relationships

  • Early support can improve success from 9-31%.
  • 79% of organizations exceeding revenue goals have a personalization strategy.
  • In the words of Mia Hamm: Success breeds success

Differentiate your business from every other partner and expedite success for both you and your new partner by personalizing relationships (without hiring more Channel Managers). Your partner will feel the intentionality, and you’ll both be happier and more profitable as a result.

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Lisa Glenn Nobles


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