Reinforcing culture

How to establish and reinforce culture

Online learning provides a powerful opportunity to comprehensively establish and reinforce culture throughout your organization. ​

Let’s get this out of the way: culture is kind of a buzzword. It’s a trendy, nebulous, and hard to pin down concept; and that’s before we’ve even tried to build it. But really, what is culture in the context of a company? It’s not the perks; studies prove that. It’s not catchy vision statements or charismatic leadership. We need more than a Ted Talk. Culture is that strategic sweet spot where employees are empowered to become their best working selves, and the organization is set up to win in the marketplace. 

Companies run on culture

Every organization must take developing a strong and productive culture seriously. The challenge is that you can’t always be in the room to help people get there. Ideally, you offer a 1-to-1 solution for everyone who joins your team, but this isn’t always realistic. Journeyage is a training solution that can grow with your company, helping connect culture and workforce through transformative learning experiences.

Establishing culture keeps teams engaged

Codifying your values, vision, and general way of operating in a compelling learning experience can help ensure your culture doesn’t miss a step as your company moves forward. Journeyage leverages powerful learning experience objects (LXOs) within the platform to take your most inspiring culture training and package it into something digestible, beautiful, and easy to access. We use these LXOs to reimagine videos, documents, articles, slideshows, and more into a seamless learning experience. Features like reporting, quizzes, and discussion questions help ensure that people stay engaged with the fundamentals and retain what they’ve learned. 

Your culture deserves to be more than yearly offsites and boilerplate vision statements. By developing training that keeps the user at the center, we can design a learning experience that scales and embeds your culture while keeping teams engaged.  

Engaged teams boost profitability by 21%

  • Culture answers your team’s ‘Why?’ When your culture is in focus and teams are engaged, business profitability increases 21%.
  • A user-first approach keeps it simple. If you build it right, they will come. We build every feature and experience with the learner in mind. 
  • Our process keeps it focused. Our best practices eliminate unneeded material and hyper-focus your content for an ideal remote learning experience. 
  • Online learning drives engagement. Companies that use some form of e-learning experience an 18% boost in employee engagement. 

Embed your values effectively

  • Online learning boosts knowledge retention by 25% to 60%. Moving your culture training online means better integration of those values into your workforce.  
  • By condensing and focusing the content in your learning experience, people will get the idea quicker and retain it longer. 
  • Eliminate the travel time, trainer fees, and hotel costs. Focus on the ideas that matter and get people where they need to go.

Developing intentional culture training shows it’s a company priority. By reimagining your core artifacts into a beautifully designed learning experience, you’ll help teams stay engaged and drive profitability. It might feel a bit daunting to pursue what’s next for your company’s culture, but that’s why we’re here. Need help creating an exceptional learning experience? Drop us a line.

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Geoff Gentry

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