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How to make sales training more effective—and bearable

Personalized sales training empowers your reps to learn and apply new skills, increase accountability, and improve performance. 

Mention the words “sales training” to any sales professional and their pupils will disappear behind their eyelids. They’re usually resistant to new training because they’ve been through so many of them, they are comfortable with their existing process, and it takes them away from actively selling.

Deploy personalized sales training for your organization with a system for measuring success  

Companies spend more than $70 billion a year on sales training but only 17% of them report their sales training as effective. That amounts to over $58 billion every year that could have been better invested. And after all that, 59% of companies struggle with holding reps accountable for applying their new skills.

Your challenge as a business is that any ol’ sales training isn’t your sales training. It lacks your product, vernacular, process, competitors, and the many additional variables that create the context needed for your sales team’s success. 

What if you could find a platform for sales training that was not only personalized to your organization, team, industry, competitors, and so on, but also provided the functionality to help you hold team members accountable for learning the material? Everyone will agree this would make your sales training more effective.

Personalized sales training

In a perfect sales training world, your content is complete with testimonials from your flagship accounts, specifics on market and competitive analysis, a roadmap outlining the daily activities needed to reach sales goals, peer success stories and…you get the point. These are the specifics that create confidence in the mind of that brand new salesperson, full of vim and vigor.

Most enterprise training platforms are just that—a platform. It’s up to you to create, brand, and personalize your content. Few platforms allow you the functionality to scale the personalization of content without creating a course for each individual you’ll train. And you know that you don’t have the time to sit side-by-side with each incoming representative.

Journeyage is different. We’re a Learning Experience Personalization solution, with a team dedicated to helping you co-create the best on-the-job sales training your sellers have ever been exposed to on a platform allowing you to personalize this training specific to your sales rockstars.

Make sales training an experience

  • Don’t be like all the others. The top reason for why most sales training doesn’t work is they are generic.
  • Increase your retention. The average sales rep stays with a company for X, with an average turnover cost to the company they leave of $97,690.
  • Work quickly to acclimate. Great sales onboarding and training can improve employee retention by 82%.
  • Show your reps you value them. 9 out of 10 of employees who feel valued will drive for maximum productivity and quality.

Maximize talent in your organization

  • Provide anytime-, anywhere-access to allow learners to learn at their own pace
  • Quickly familiarize your team with systems and operations, internal processes, and your solution.
  • Your ramp up time delays productivity. 41% of companies report an average ramp time of 5 or more months.
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